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41 and 19 cm in diameter


Oil on canvas and red laminate



 This work was made for the Glass Cabinet at the Galeria Estrany – De la Mota (Barcelona). In is composed of two pieces (tondos). The size of the large tondo makes it suitable for a shared domestic space, while the small tondo is the right size for a cosier space, like a bedroom. In the largest tondo we can see Charity (a female figure with two children), while in the small one we can see a woman with her back turned; the Charity tondo is black and white, while the portrait of the woman with her back turned is in colour; one refers to the printed image, while the other suggests a more sensual one. The piece, which we could ultimately call a diptych, is arranged in a confined space and must be observed through glass divided into three parts, as if both images were suspended in another world, since the Glass Cabinet creates a fishbowl effect, accentuating the red laminate of the glass, as if there were another temperature, another time inside