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Oli Sobre Tela 170X170




170 x 170 cm


oil on canvas




This work has been exhibited at the Galeria Antoni Estrany (Barcelona), at the La Mercè Cultural Centre (Girona), at the Olot County Museum and at the Galeria Palma XII (Vilafranca del Penedès). Thirteen portraits of young girls. Only the space that the image occupies is painted. The pictorial manufacture does not appear explicitly and it is worked in grisaille. The images, executed with the utmost economy of means, reveal their photographic origin. The first is a reference to a portrait by Gainsborough of his daughter, and it continues with a pictograph as a reference and also with different photos by Lewis Carroll. The rest are portraits made from photographs of girls that, at the time of the project, were students at the school where I went when I was little. As such, I finished the project with an autobiographical trip through my childhood inhabited by girls unknown to me.