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Paint and photographs

 This work has been exhibited in the expository space of the Llibreria Pròleg bookstore for women in Barcelona, in an exhibition curated by Assumpta Bassas. This project speaks of the painting that arises from the relationship between teacher and student, both the painting that occurs in the same relationship and the painting resulting from it after my direct intervention in my students’ pictures. I believe that every painting revolves around the concept of repinto (repainting), or what I call relationpint. The project began with a snapshot of the brushstrokes that we call relationpint, brushstrokes photographed from up close, so that the overall intent of the paintings they come from is decontextualised. These photographed brushstrokes were used to make an image bank, classifying them by colours and textures like a palette. We used this photographic palette of brushstrokes made in paintings by others to make large-dimension murals directly on the wall of the expository space in the Llibreria Pròleg bookstore. The way to work on the wall was completely open, such as when beginning an unpremeditated drawing on a blank sheet of paper.