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Still Life




Oil on canvas and photographs




This work has been exhibited at the Honiton Festival (Exeter, England), at the Episcopal Museum of Girona and at the “Sa Nostra” headquarters in Palma de Mallorca. The project was carried out over a period of 6 months, during which I took photos of the photos placed in the cemeteries of all the places where I went. Set out in the open, these photos suffer variations in their coloration. Based on these variations, I created a landscape for each photo, executed with exactly the same colours that make up each photograph. What is peculiar about each of these landscapes is that, aside from the parallels in terms of colour, other, similarly formal ones can be found. None of these landscapes contain anything that could make one think about any human presence. Finally, the photos are reproduced in the same size as the paintings and displayed in pairs, forming a single image at the same time. Although the photo is vertical, the portraits are presented horizontally, thereby forcing a colour-based and abstract reading of the portrait. It is the portrait that is forced into the landscape and not the landscape into the portrait. The title, “still life”, is also the only pictorial genre not present in this work, since it deals with landscapes and portraits. When pronounced, “still life” may be confused with “still alive”.