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Guixos a Terra




250 cm in diameter


Chalk and pastels



This piece was created at Balmes 21 for the exhibition “Young Artists of Barcelona”, organised by Barcelona City Council and the RAI Association as part of Barcelona’s participation in the 8th Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean. This project consists of the reproduction of one of the images of the project Tondo o la quadratura del cercle (Tondo or Squaring the Circle) on the ground of the chosen space with chalk. The reproduction is intended to be as faithful as possible to the original image, which was published in a catalogue. The catalogue rests on the ground alongside the reproduction. This piece takes the reproductions that we see on the ground of crowded public places as a reference (popular pictures, often famous Blessed Virgins or other easily recognisable images). As also often happens in street reproductions, there is a change of scale with respect to the original, around two and a half times larger. W. Benjamin tells us of the mental shift involved in the technical reproducibility of an artwork and of the consequent loss of aura. Street copyists base their work on a photographic reproduction of the original piece, with viewers often unaware of its original size. There is an explicit desire in their copies to restore the aura lost in the process of technical reproduction. Together, the admiration generated by manual development and virtuosity lead to a compromised aura.