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Sang i Caritat




From 202 mm to 1.175 cm in diameter


Oil on wood



This work has been exhibited at the Galeria Alejandro Sales (Barcelona) and at the exhibition hall of the Centro de Arte Joven de Madrid and consists of eighteen tondos, each one featuring an image of maternity. The mother’s back is turned to us as she holds the child. The nineteenth tondo is a charity figure (virtue often represented as multiple motherhood, with a mother and two children). The round formats are not arranged on the wall in rows, but simulate a group of randomly organised red spots. Only one of the tondos is not covered with red acrylic, the number 19 or a charity figure. The idea of anti-composition, a mother with her back turned and a child, is based on a way of conceiving a post-photographic placement of the figures. This is casual placement without a prior study to categorise the relation between the figures. At first, photography emulates this categorisation, like a logic of continuity of the historical way of composing and also by the impossibility of ideological break. This is why we can speak of anti-composition; the placement responds to the photographic snapshot